Future Quest

Future Quest - Channel 8 "What's Right With Schools"
Posted on 04/15/2019

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Students will take inventory of their current life and map out where their future will lead. This integrated project Incorporates all of the ISTE Standards newly adopted by the State of Connecticut.

  • Empowered Learner - students take an active role demonstrating technology competency through incorporating Google Drive, spreadsheets, digital photography and graphic design.
  • Digital Citizen - they will search the Internet researching their future choices and giving credit for material they incorporate in their projects.
  • Knowledge Constructor - students use a variety of resources using digital tools to produce a creative presentation that they are personally connected to.
  • Innovative Designer - students will use digital tools to create a creative presentation incorporating photography and graphic design
  • Computational Thinker - students will use electronic spreadsheets to compute the financial results of their future choices.
  • Creative Communicator - students will present this current and future life digitally through art, photography and graphics.
  • Global Collaborator - students complete Interest profiles online and reach out to professionals in their field. They will conduct interviews through email, blogging, forms, phone calls or person to person meetings

Future Quest brings technology, math, writing, and research together in a highly motivational project. The final presentations will be presentation in Google Drive that has graphics, content and programmed navigation. The project involves digital photography to create B&W, Selfies, Still Lifes and Abstracts to represent the student’s school, home, transportation and chores/responsibilities. Students took an Interest Inventory that guided them toward career choices and then interview a professional in their field.

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